Morgan Hope Friend,
Our Special Angel

Morgan Friend & Theresa Thigpen

God sent a Special Angel to teach us how to live.
Her precious life began quite normally…
A bouncing baby girl…arriving "suddenly."
She filled our days and nights with happiness.
A perfect companion for our darling Laurin.
Then sadness filled our hearts as uncertain days loomed.
Awaiting diagnosis.
But, still, she was teaching us how to live.
Her precious smile, her tiny frame trotting down the hospital corridors with IVs 
and heart monitors attached,
chatting with little patients of all races.
Again, teaching us how to live.
Cystinosis was the "villain" 
that would fill her days and nights,
Nausea and medications, 
a sight almost too much to bear.
But, again, she took it all in stride…
Teaching us how to live.
The excessive thirst, the appetite loss, the croup, the breathing treatments, more medications, 
more hospital trips, endless blood tests, 
nose tubes, stomach tubes, more tests.
But, still, she was the "Light" 
teaching us how to live.
2000 years ago, God sent his Son, Jesus,
 to this earth to walk
among us and teach us how to live.
Now, in His infinite wisdom,
 He has sent a "Special Angel"
to our family to live among us………
lest we forget how to live.

By Theresa Thigpen
Grandmother to Morgan