By Mack Maxwell
As of August 2005

**Please remember to ALWAYS speak with your physician prior to starting any exercise
 program and keep water with you at all times during any exercise session to stay hydrated.


 30-45 min at day.   At least 5 days a week.
  My goal is at least 12mi/per week.

Weight Lifting:

1 to 2 days per week
I do several of the upper-body machine weights and do 2 sets for each exercise.


My goal is once per week. I swim 3 to 6 laps.
This exercise has helped my breathing a lot.
It has strengthened my diaphragm.

Cystinosis Exercises:

Therapy Putty:

Mack with Therapy PuttyDaily with both hands.

  50 squeezes in left hand, then 50 in right hand

  50 squeezes in left hand, then 50 in right hand, Again.

To obtain therapy putty, just do a search.


Hand Grips:

Mack with Hand Grips

Daily with both hands

  Squeeze 10-15 times, then hold it tight as long as possible.

You may want to squeeze more or less times, depending upon the resistance of the hand grip


Calf Exercise:

Daily exercise.
Stand on your toes, and count to 50
Stand on your left leg, and count to 50
Stand on your right leg, and count to 50

Deep Breathing Exercises:

1. Do jogging/running intervals with your daily walking.
2. Swimming, as mentioned earlier, is an excellent exercise to help your breathing.
3. Use the Incentive Spirometer daily to exercise deep inhaling.

Incentive Spirometer:

Do at least 10 reps daily.
"Exercising deep inhaling by using the Incentive Spirometer is an exercise that was introduced to me by Kevin O'Brien, of Dr. Gahl's staff."  Detailed product information can be obtained at:


Practice this exercise until you are able to do it without conscious effort.

If you have any questions regarding this workout, you are more than welcome to contact me at: 

By: Mack Maxwell