By Steve Schleuder

This Champion is a boy. What defines this champion is not how many many games he has won or of how many things he has accomplished, but of how big his heart is and how courageous and caring he is for others.
The Champion always works hard, improving what is already superb and making it amazing! He never stops working for if he does he fears what he has already earned may go away. He never trades glory for passion, for if he does this he will lose everything, for this reason he is not very popular or unpopular with other people, but he is respected.
The Champion is stubborn, it is for this reason he has made it to where he is now, he never gave up even when people said it was hopeless, that just made him try harder. HE went beyond the limits to places where people have never gone before. He keeps trying and will never give up, and when people ask him when he thinks he will make it to the top? He replies, "there is no top, there is always room for improvement , for a human can improve it's mind, body, and spirit and they could always make everything in life a little better for mother earth and all her inhabitants."
And I end this by saying there could be a champion in all of us.